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Screw Machining Services

Precision screw machining of complex parts to close tolerances has been our specialty service since 1964. With a total of 35 single- and multi-spindle screw machines, we are able to service our customers with a range of small and large quantities. Unlike CNC machines, the Brown & Sharpe (single-spindle) screw machines can perform up to five operations at one time, and the multi-spindle machines up to 18 operations at one time, all while holding a tolerance of .001 (one thousandth) of an inch. Machines are also equipped with cross drilling and milling, eliminating the need for second operations.

Our machines have diametrical capacities that range from .032 to 3 3/4 inches. Some of the special operations our Brown & Sharpes ...

Centerless Grinding and Polishing

From soft plastic and aluminum to hardened steel and hard chrome, we centerless grind a diverse range. On our centerless grinders, any custom grinding requirement can be handled efficiently for prototype or large production runs. We perform both thru-feed and end-feed plunge grinding to offer smooth super fine finishes up to 4 micro finish.

Using many types of grinding wheels in the production process, we achieve customer specified tolerances, smoothness, and uniformity in every part. Bar stock, tubing, shafts, and several other cylindrical components of diameters from 1/32" to 2 1/4" can be accommodated on our Cincinnati grinders. Standard electric polishing machines at our job shop polish aluminum, brass, stainless ...

CNC Milling

To offer diverse milling jobs and to provide secondary operations on our screw machined parts for both prototype and production runs, we have different types of CNC milling machines that mill parts made from exotic metals or plastic to exact customer specifications. Precision tolerances of up to 0.001 are achieved in our milling operations. CNC milling capabilities of our Fadal VMC-15, Leadwell MCV-OP 3rd axis, and other milling machines help us to meet a range of production requirements of complex parts, in both low as well as high volume runs.

As part of our turnkey services, we provide different kinds of plating as well as anodizing services. Performing hard chrome plating, nickel plating, and zinc plating to customer ...

CNC Turning

M.A.R.’s provides precision CNC turning operations that deliver enhanced part performance. The combination of vast turning experience and modern CNC technology allows us to supply quality parts suitable for aerospace, food processing, plus several other industries.

Our machine shop has two different models of Akira Seiki CNC lathes to perform CNC turning that operate at 35 hp, with speed ranging from 20 to 4,000 rpm, performing heavy cuts at high speed is not a problem with our Akira Seiki ASL35 CNC turning center. They support thru spindle turning up to 1 3/4“ diameter and chucking up to 6” diameter plus deliver tolerances as close as 0.0005" in all turned parts.

We can turn solid bars and tubes made from ...

EDM Machining

We provide wire EDM services to produce parts with tight tolerances and tools with greater repeatability. Any type of conductive material can be cut in our wire EDM machines, including tool steel, stainless steel many other materials. However, our specialty lies in machining of high speed tools, carbide tools, and food processing tubes.

The in-house Mitsubishi FX10 EDM allows us to cut high-speed tools and carbide to a 16 micro finish. Tapered cuts to 15 degrees, can be produced in parts with our EDM machine. To facilitate thorough inspection and quality assurance at all stages of production, we have an inventory of comparators, microscopes, other measuring devices, and a fulltime inspector.
Anodized Extruded Handles and Powder Coated Parts

Metal Finishing and Plating for Screw Machined Parts

We provide an extensive range of metal finishing as well as plating services for screw machined parts and components. Our specialty lies in providing various types of plating, such as hard chrome, zinc, black oxide, nickel, gold and Teflon. To induce surface textures, a range of deburring and metal polishing services are provided too.

Corrosion of screw-machined brass, aluminum, and steel parts is prevented with high quality Hard Chrome, Zinc Oxide, Nickel, anodize, and other plating & coating. We also passivate Stainless Steel parts. These operations help to enhance the functionality of threads and fittings, as well as maintain the quality of the part. We have two standard electric machines dedicated for polishing. Screw ...
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